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Do not say 2020 was a wasted year!.. It started like any other year but a global pandemic brought everything to a standstill but time never stopped.  The hours went from days, weeks, to months and now 2020 is almost over.

At first, I was startled like everybody else and spent the first few weeks complaining or completely worried.
Then one day, I looked up and realized that a month has just gone by and we may not know how long this will go on.

I  remember looking at the calendar and asking myself what did I do with April? I have been on lockdown but how come I allowed my brain to be on lockdown? I  stood there and I  addressed the calendar and declared, I  may be on lockdown or curfew or red zone, social distancing,  mask era, or whatever terms we have gotten used to but I refuse to have any of those terms dominate my mind.!

I am sure you have heard of the terms when life gives you lemon make lemonade.  Or when the enemy throws stones at you use them to build something.  You can add your quotes here …..

Eventually,  I stopped complaining and worrying and deciding to do what the time was doing.  Keep Moving. 

I kept moving.  The goals I had for 2020 although they had been delayed,  I resumed working on them and kept moving. The birth of Daily Insights Podcast Episodes happened in May 2020.  Each weekday for 5 to 10 minutes we share spiritual inspirational insights that empower us to continue serving the purposes of God in our Generation.


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